Columbus Lodge #30 Historical Past

Work In Progress

12. 02.

I have found as an IT professional that is it disparaging to put a page up that says "Under Construction". Darn near 100% of the time I would simply refuse to put the page up, simply from the fact that a majority of pages that say "Under Construction" really are pages that are planned to be worked on, but the importance is so low that they (the webmaster) doesn't want to work on that page. In this one very unique case, that simply isn't the issue. We are approching our bi-centennial mark and have in progress a book in the works of our history. So it will be my great pleasure to work on this page along side one of our assistant Lodge Education Officers to bring snipits of history.

So make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed and watch for updates to our history section as we post more and more information.

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