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The New York Masonic Safety Identification Program events provide a FREE packet of information for families to turn over to the authorities should a family member go missing. The program is used for all age groups, including children, students, adults.

The free packet includes a CD with fingerprints, photographs, unique physical description and more.  An ID card is also included, as well as age-specific safety information for families.  Parents or guardians complete a short information form, and from that your packet is created.

The New York Masonic Safety Identification Program addresses the alarming fact that many children, students, and adults are reported missing in the United States each year. 

Our events generally take place at schools, festivals, fairs, or other public events.  It is completely voluntary, and no information is kept.  The family possesses the only copy.  We urge all families to keep this important, updateable information in a safe place, and take it with you when traveling with your children. This information can aid in the safe recovery of a lost or missing child.

Please open the link to the right, and print the Safety Identification form.  Complete all information, including parents' signatures. 
Bring the completed form with you to any 
New York Masonic Safety ID Event!

Printable  8-1/2" x 11 Safety ID 
Parental Consent & Information Form

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NY Masonic Safety ID 

2016 Safety ID Events

    You don't have to be a Mason to volunteer!  In fact, we welcome anyone who is willing to help us provide this invaluable service to our community!  Contact the District Chairman or your local Lodge for more information!
 Contact Information: 
New York Masonic Safety Identification Program
St. Lawrence County Safety ID Chairmen:
John D. Schneider
(315) 250-1765
Stephen Tharaldsen
(315) 287-4603
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