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Article list

  • You Can't Burn the Flag! (should the Constitution be amended to prohibit the desecration of the American Flag?) [appeared in 1989 September Scottish Rite Journal]
  • Charles Lindbergh--Man, Mason, American (a biographical article with Masonic inferences drawn from this remarkable man's experiences) [appeared in Scottish Rite Journal]
  • The Ninth Amendment--Waterblot or Watershed (written for the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights) [appeared in Scottish Rite Journal]
  • Ancient Truths (what did our remote ancestors know, and is it true today?) [appeared in Royal Arch Mason magazine]
  • Mozart's Other Masonic Opera (notThe Magic Flute, although the symbolism of that opera is also discussed in this article) [appeared in Scottish Rite Journal]
  • Why Secrecy? (is there a point to the widely discussed secrecy of Freemasonry?) [appeared in Scottish Rite Journal]
  • Pieces of the Puzzle (how is Masonic knowledge to be organized and acquired?) [appeared in IHMBRA]
  • Masonic Penalties (why should candidates for a Masonic degree obligate themselves to suffer penalties for violation of the rules of the fraternity?) [appeared in Scottish Rite Journal]
  • To Engineer Is Human (a review of a book on the role of failure in engineering design that proves to have many connections to ideas of Freemasonry) [appeared in Scottish Rite Journal book review section]
  • He Was a Mason (a phrase commonly found in obituaries explored for its hidden meanings) [appeared in 1996 June Scottish Rite Journal] [new!]
  • Quality vs. Quantity--is there a real conflict? [new!]
  • The Four-Leaf Clover--what have you been blind to in life? [appeared in the 1998 December Scottish Rite Journal] [new!]
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