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Hyde Park Lodge #589

2853 Madison Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45209-2265

(513) 531-3000

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Chartered October 20, 1904

Stated Meetings are on the
First Tuesday at 7:30 PM
Dinner at 6:30 PM



Tuesday, December 2 - Last Stated Meeting - 7:30 PM - Dinner at 6:30 PM
Note Change - Tuesday, December 9 - Master Mason Rehearsal - 7:00 PM 
Friday, December 12 - Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576 Stated Meeting - They will vote on accepting our Merger Proposal
Tuesday, December 16 - Last Master Mason Degree - 7:30 PM - Dinner at 6:30 PM


DUES           DUES          DUES          DUES          DUES

In the September Trowel, you received a dues notice for 2015.  Dues were due on or before the Annual Meeting on November 4th.  To date I have received 113 of 121 dues.  That is about 93%.  If you pay dues this time, you will never have to pay dues again.  Please pay your dues ASAP or you may lose your Endowed Membership and have to pay dues every year.  Endowed memberships cost the Lodge $800 each.

Please send in your dues.  Neither Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576 nor I want to have to suspend anyone for Non Payment of Dues.


Message from the Worshipful Master

Dear Brethren,

Norwood has been officially informed of our desire to merge and had the first reading of a motion to have Hyde Park join them. It will be read again in December, voted on, and if affirmative, we will become members of Norwood. Endowments have been acquired for all Master Masons from Hyde Park who were in good standing last year. We will be completing some degree work and closing our books. This is the end of our 110 year journey as Hyde Park. I encourage you all to continue your Masonic life in your new lodge. Remember the lessons taught in our lodge and carry them with you where ever you go in life. 

It has been my honor to serve you and Hyde Park Lodge during this past year and through the last days of Hyde Park. Thank you for your confidence in me.

Karl P. Power, PM, Worshipful Master

Message from the Secretary 

Unfortunately, my Brethren, this will be the last Trowel from Hyde Park Lodge #589.  We have run the good race and we have fought the good fight.  It is now time to rejoice in our new membership with Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576.  They are looking forward to our becoming members.  “Be ye all of one mind and live in Unity...”

Let me see if I can explain this Merger Procedure one more time.  When we merge with Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576, we will ALL be members of that Lodge.  At that time your Endowed membership moves with you to the new Lodge.  A merger is the ONLY time you can move an endowed membership.  If, after the merger, you wish to demit to another Lodge, you can do so. You must request a demit from Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576 and take that demit to the new Lodge for a vote. You have 60 days from the date of the merger to move your Endowed Membership to the Lodge you demit to, but ONLY after that Lodge has accepted your demit.  You must write a letter to Grand Lodge within 60 days of the merger requesting that your Endowed Membership be moved from Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576 to the new Lodge.  This applies ONLY to Lodges within Ohio.Any questions, please call me at (513) 769-7070.

After December 12, 2014, ALL checks must be made payable to “Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576, F&AM” and mailed to Robert T. Reece, Secretary, 2631 Grover Hill Ave., Cincinnati OH 45212.


Robert L. Duerler, PM, Secretary   




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