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That which is apprehended by intelligence and reason is always in the same state; but that which is conceived by opinion with the help of sensation and without reason, is always in a process of becoming and perishing and never really is...

"Let me tell you then why the creator made this world of generation. He was good, and the good can never have any jealousy of anything. And being free from jealousy, he desired that all things should be as like himself as they could be. This is in the truest sense the origin of creation and of the world, as we shall do well in believing on the testimony of wise men":

"God desired that all things should be good and nothing bad, so far as this was attainable. Wherefore also finding the whole visible sphere not at rest, but moving in an irregular and disorderly fashion, out of disorder he brought order, considering that this was in every way better than the other. Now the deeds of the best could never be or have been other than the fairest; and the creator, reflecting on the things which are by nature visible, found that no unintelligent creature taken as a whole was fairer than the intelligent taken as a whole; and that intelligence could not be present in anything which was devoid of soul."

"For which reason, when he was framing the universe, he put intelligence in soul, and soul in body, that he might be the creator of a work which was by nature fairest and best. Wherefore, using the language of probability, we may say that the world became a living creature truly endowed with soul and intelligence by the providence of God. This being supposed, let us proceed to the next stage: In the likeness of what animal did the Creator make the world? "

"For whenever in any three numbers, whether cube or square, there is a mean, which is to the last term what the first term is to it; and again, when the mean is to the first term as the last term is to the mean-then the mean becoming first and last, and the first and last both becoming means, they will all of them of necessity come to be the same, and having become the same with one another will be all one." Timaeus

An Ancient view of Atlantis

It is one of the oldest and largest pyramids in the world.

Metaphysically speaking, the souls who dwelled in my land of Zou where of Lemurian background.

When the 'Cycle of Time' that was Lemuria ended and the new 'Cycle of Existence' began - it was called Atlantis. Many souls incarnated in Atlantis.

When that 'Cycle of Time' ended we moved into the next program of time where we became the 'yellow race'

I was born in 551 BC - not far from the timeline of other well-known teachers - Zoroaster and Buddha - who taught the same principles.
My childhood was not easy - just as it is not easy for many living on this planet today. I grew in strength and ability.
When I became 52 years of age I held a political office in the province in which I lived. I did not rule by force, but by reason.
My teachings included, loving and honoring others as well as yourself, to always do the right thing and not take advantage of others, respect others in the manner in which you would want them to treat you. I spoke about nature, the world, human behavior, and spiritual balance - The Tao
and see China Physics

What happened to Atlantis?


According to various esoteric sources, the first civilization arose 78,000 years ago on the giant continent known as Mu or Lemuria and lasted for an astonishing 52,000 years. It is sometimes said to have been destroyed in earthquakes generated by a pole shift which occurred some 26,000 years ago, or at approximately 24,000 B.C. Where it was is still debated by many archaeologists and geologists. Since the earth is subject to the will of 'plate tectonic' movements, land masses can be moved to different locations over a millennnium. The periodic distruction of the earth's surface by many natural disasters is God's way of causing ' death and rebirth of the planet' and it's populations.

The concept of Lemuria was born in the 1860s and 1870s, when a group of British geologists noted the striking similarity between fossils and sedimentary strata found in India and South Africa. Geologists like Stow and Blanford in India and Griesbach in Africa noted that strata of Permian age, about (245 to 286 million years ago) in India, South Africa, South America, and Australia were almost identical in the type of sedimentary rocks, e.g. numerous coal beds. In addition, these strata on these continents contained the identical fossils of land plants, e.g. cordaites and "Glossopteris," and land animals, e.g. Therapsids. Because such land plants and animals could not have crossed the open sea and continents were thought to be immobile, these geologists explained the presence of identical fossil plants and animals on India, Africa, South America, and Australia by postulating the existence of land bridges and even whole continents that had long since sunk beneath the oceans. In one case, they postulated the existence a large land bridge that once connected India and South Africa. In the "Erdegeschichte" (1887) of Neumayr, this hypothetical land bridge was called "Indo-Madagascan Peninsula" (de Camp 1954).

The concept of Lemuria, like a scientific Frankenstein, frequently resurfaces to haunt the European scientists who first created it. Unknown to many people, the idea of Lemuria was not created in prehistoric times, but rather by European and America n scientists in the late 1800s as a way of explaining the distribution of rocks, fossils, and animals in the days before continental drift when continents were considered immovable and immutable features of the Earth (de Camp 1954).

Lemuria was reincarnated as a lost continent by Madame Blavatsky, the greatest of the modern occultists. Madame Blavatsky incorporated this concept of Lemuria, in a confused form, together with Atlantis and a bizarre mixture of scientific, occult, and Hindu religious material, including the "Rig-Veda," in her book, "The Secret Doctrine." In this book, Lemuria became a lost continent, although still in the Indian Ocean, populated by ape-like hermaphroditic egg-laying creatures. Later writers of occult, lost-continent tales, e.g. Annie Besant and W. Scott-Elliot, added their own detail and embellishment to the story of Lemuria, including dinosaurs and 12- to 15-foot bronze humanoids. The final event in the reincarnation of Lemuria occurred when writers of occult books moved the location of Lemuria from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean (de Camp 1954). Since then, mystics and psychics have written innumerable books about Lemuria, and either tuned into the spiritual essence and vibrations, or channeled for the spirits of long-departed Lemurians who they say never existed to begin with. ..see Shepherd Kings

When the theory of continental drift was developed, people realized that it and other more prosaic theories explained the distribution of animals, fossils, and plants better then lost continents. As a result, Lemuria was allowed to fade away into obscurity, while eclipsed by more realistic theories long before there were GEOSAT and SEASAT satellite data to demonstrate the so-called fictional nature of Lemuria. by Paul V. Heinrich
Just because we can't find the remains, doesn't mean it didn't exist.

According to author James Churchward, MU was about 5,000 miles long and 3,000 miles wide, a beautiful tropical paradise like the Garden of Eden. He claims there were 64 million people who died in the sinking, and that it dated back over 50,000 years. The Pacific Islands are the remaining mountain peaks of the lost continent. Precise detailed maps of the lost continent of Mu and Atlantis were found on stone tablets from Pre-Inca Ica, Peru, by Dr. Javier Cabrera, engraved in stone and photographed by Robbert Charroux.

link to Ancient Aircraft

These images were found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, located several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau, at Abydos. From this images we see many craft that resemble modern day flying machines

What we know about ancient Indian flying vehicles comes from ancient Indian sources; written texts that have come down to us through the centuries. There is no doubt that most of these texts are authentic; many are the well known ancient Indian Epics themselves, and there are literally hundreds of them. Most of them have not even been translated into English yet from the old Sanskrit.

The Indian Emperor Ashoka started a "Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men": great Indian scientists who were supposed to catalogue the many sciences. Ashoka kept their work secret because he was afraid that the advanced science catalogued by these men, culled from ancient Indian sources, would be used for the evil purpose of war, which Ashoka was strongly against, having been converted to Buddhism after defeating a rival army in a bloody battle.

The "Nine Unknown Men" wrote a total of nine books, presumably one each. Book number 9 was "The Secrets of Gravitation!" This book, known to historians, but not actually seen by them dealt chiefly with "gravity control."

It is presumably still around somewhere, kept in a secret library in India, Tibet or elsewhere (perhaps even in North America somewhere). One can certainly understand Ashoka's reasoning for wanting to keep such knowledge a secret, assuming it exists. if the Nazis had such weapons at their disposal during World War II. Ashoka was also aware devastating wars using such advanced vehicles and other 'futuristic weapons' that had destroyed the ancient Indian "Rama Empire" several thousand years before.

Only a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some Sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said recently that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships!

More remains discovered here .. Lemura The last surviving LEMURS exist on Madagascar. This is why the ancient land tying India and Australia together, that sank incrementally over time, is referred to as LEMURIA.

Myriads of ancient writings from the South Seas, and the ancient Tamil writings on palm tree bark still exist protected underground in the Vatican archives, having been pillaged from various cultures and transported to Rome by order of various popes.

The Tamil bark writings in Southern India tell of the gigantic Southern part of India which used to connect to Australia cataclysmically sinking incrementally over a long period of time. This was ancient Lemuria.

United Nations diplomat Farida Iskoviet, assistant to United Nations President Adam Malik, came to Maui in 1972 and researched Lemurian ruins and history and concluded that they were real.

One of Hawaii's leading authorities on Lemurian research was Sgt. Williard Wannall from Army Intelligence in Oahu. He reported that ruins of a submerged Lemurian city was between Maui and Oahu. It was a Top Secret project in Naval Intelligence in 1972.

Lemuria had relatively little interest in Atlantean technology and preferred to experiment with psychic energies to move objects (proven by Uri Gellar during his research at Stanford University in the 1970's), although they did use ultra-high frequency sonic, solar energy, crystal energy, and teleportation to build and move objects as well.

This was a culture that existed in the area that is now the Pacific Ocean. It was a tropical, femininely based, village society. It had central places where there were groups of clairvoyant seers, oracles and holy people did healing and sound work. This was a non-power oriented society.

The Lemurians were like thought projections - not physically solid. It made them higher in frequency and closer to the Creator's energy vibration level. Their souls came to Earth to experience the physical vibration. They were large in stature, about nine feet tall. Their skin had an aqua cast changing from blue to green in conjunction with two seasonal cycles each year. Their faces were elongated, and oval. Their eyes were large with lids running vertically. The texture of their skin was slightly scaly. They breathed through their skin, not lungs. The temperature of the planet, the atmosphere, the light and the orbits of the other planets were much different then. The first Lemurians were androgynous - neither male nor female.

It began with the projection of 144 soul groups - representing the projection of 33 million souls. Some of the souls came from the 'Red Planet'. Some of the souls came from the stars - Pleiades and Sirius - and projected into physical form on Earth. see..
LEMURIAN PARADISE This description would indeed describe the fallen angles, their planet of origin and their description as non-humans, possibly alien. The stories about alien abduction and experimentation on humans align with this theory. Are they still trying to create the 'perfect human'? check out Mysteries and the Unknown
Or better yet, "What the Government is hidding!"
This page will get your attention Alien footage taken

Madame Elena Petrovna Blavatsky (born Helena Hahn 1831-1891), the founder of Theosophy, in her book The Secret Doctrine (1888), claimed to have learned of Lemuria in The Book of Dzyan, which she said was composed in Atlantis and shown to her by the Mahatmas. However, in her writings she did give Philip Schlater the honor of inventing the name, Lemuria.

Mme Blasvatsky located her Lemuria in the Indian Ocean about 150 million years ago. She may have obtained her ideas of a sunken land in the Indian Ocean from Sanskrit legends of the former continent of Rutas that sank beneath the sea. But the name Rutas sounds too spiritless and uninspiring to have held such a prominent place in cosmic history.

She described the Lemurians as the third root race to inhabit the earth. They were egg-laying beings with a third eye that gave them psychic powers and allowed them to function without a brain. Originally bisexual, their downfall came about after they discovered sex.

The English Theosophist W. Scott-Elliot, who said he received his knowledge from the Theosophical Masters by astral clairvoyance, writes in The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria (1896), that the sexual exploits of the Lemurians so revolted the spiritual beings, the Lhas, that they refused to follow the cosmic plan of becoming the first to incarnate into the bodies of the Lemurians. see... A Short History of Lemuria

More links to the possibility of the existance of Atlantis. Earth History

Land/population destructions

50,000 - 48,000BC; A Space boulder hits the earth creating Arizona's Meteor Crater. The Reign of Adam ; 50,000 - 49,000BCE ( Sitchin )- End of 1st Atlantian period ( Cayce ). The meteorite estimated to have been about 150 feet across and weighing several hundred thousand tons, in less than a few seconds, left a crater 700 feet deep and over 4000 feet across. The boulder could have caused a huge fire ball explosion and then a nuclear winter when it hit the earth. ..see what happens when an object this size smashes into earth... Meteor Crator, Arizona

Krakatoa We discussed the eruption of giant volcanoes on Passage, page 3. The largest eruption ever recorded was around Lake Taupo, over 26,000 years ago. ( Compare with the date of the pole shift above )
This explosion created a lake in the middle of the island of New Zealand. The shape of Lake Taupo was largely created by the Oruanui eruption 26,500 years ago. This eruption formed a 500m-deep caldera (large collapsed crater) that was enlarged by the 181AD Taupo eruption. The 181AD Taupo eruption is unusual in several ways. It was the most violent eruption in the world in the past 5000 years. It produced an eruption column 50km high -- twice as high as the 1980 Mt St Helens eruption column. The effects of the eruption were seen in the sky as far away as Europe and China. see.. Taupo Volcanic Zone

We also have Krakatoa which exploded then vanished from sight. Krakatau, also Krakatoa or Rakata, small volcanic island, southwestern Indonesia, in the Sunda Strait, between Java and Sumatra. The eruption produced huge ocean waves called tsunamis that reached an estimated height of 30 m (100 ft) and traveled 13,000 km (8,000 mi); these waves drowned about 34,000 people along the coasts of Java and Sumatra and destroyed incalculable amounts of property. Krakatoa is still active under the ocean and may be the mountain 'that rises again' when the forth destruction of the earth occurs. Since the disappearance of Krakatau, smaller eruptions have been observed. The ocean floor has been since gradually rising, eventually giving birth in 1927 to a new island, north of what remains of Rakata. Today, Anak Krakatau (Son of Krakatau) rises more than 150 m above sea level and is two km in diameter. The eruption was heard from Phillippines, Alice Springs, Rodriquez Island and Madagascar. The power of its eruption was estimated to 21,547. 6 atom bomb multiplied. see.. Krakatau

The earth has been quiet for too long. We expect violent eruptions and another 'plate shift' very soon. Yellowstone Site of a 'Super Volcano'. Disasters to strike the Earth, War, Weather, Death! Some also expected another 'space boulder' to come into view by 2006.

Proof of an earlier age before the 'Great Flood'.

Man has probably gazed up at the stars and the moon for as long as our species has existed. A shaped and engraved bone plaque found in a rock shelter in south-west France has been identified as an accurate lunar calculator, and carbon dating has established that it is between 32,000 and 34,000 years old.

The first creation of human life

"Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the face of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters",

"From every tree in the garden did he grant them to eat, save but one. And that tree, in the center of the garden, was called the tree of life. And the Snake said to Eve, "Eat of this fruit and you will become as God." We have determined that this is the fruit of 'wisdom' also being an instant understanding of science and mathmetical skills.
see.. Aging Haulted by DNA experiments

This goes back to the belief of a superior race that inhabited the Earth before man as we know him today. Many believe these inhabitants to be 'aliens' from other worlds, and they may well be just that. This aludes to the unidentified flying objects and other phenomena we can't explain.

On the previous pages we refered to a Verse in Genesis, 6:1-6 . God speeking about the "beings from the Spirit world who came to Earth and took the beautiful earth women as wives having sex with them". verse 6:4 says, "their children became Giants, of whom so many legends are told. When God saw the wickedness, and that the trend and direction of men's lives were only towards evil, he was sorry he made them. It broke his heart.

We then have two groups of 'people', or earthbound intelligent beings, one group being the descendents of Adam, the creation of God,( the first passage page explains which God ) and the other, completely different in their attitude towards humans and they lacked true intellegence. The 'Sons' of God follow 'The Law of One' of Atlantis, who is also the God of Abraham, but the Egyptians call him Aten. Abraham knew the god of the Hebrews was a false God, but the bible has occulted the truth.

Adam and his descendents create a Kingly line of men who do the will of the true God and maintain his laws, while the others, called Giants and Elohim, do evil and cause men to do evil also. They became known as 'The Sons of Belial' [ Baal ].

From The Eunma Elish tablets; The "grail Bloodline" is ancient: "It was Enki, on the other hand, who, despite the wrath of his brother, granted the Sumerians access to the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. It was Enki who set up the escape strategy during the Flood, and it was Enki who passed over the time-honoured Tables of Destiny - the tables of scientific law which became the bedrock of the early mystery schools in Egypt."

The Sumerian Watchers

"...Man and his early civilizations had a profoundly different mentality from our own, that in fact men and women were not conscious as are we, were not responsible for their actions, and therefore cannot be given the credit or blame for anything that was done over these vast millennia of time; that instead each person had a part of his nervous system that was divine, by which he was ordered about like any slave, a voice or voices which indeed were what we call volition and empowered what they commanded and were related to the hallucinated voices of others in a carefully established hierarchy."

"...The astonishing consistency from Egypt to Peru, from Ur to Yucatan, wherever civilizations arose, of death practices and idolatry, of divine government and hallucinated voices, all are witness to the idea of a different mentality than our own." "The gods were in no sense 'figments of the imagination' of anyone. They were man's volition. They occupied his nervous system, probably his right hemisphere, and from stores of admonitory and receptive experience, transmuted this experience into articulated speech which then 'told' the man what to do."

"Throughout Mesopotamia, from the earliest times of Sumer and Akkad, all lands were owned by gods and men were their slaves. Of this, the cuneiform texts leave no doubt whatever. Each city-state had its own principal god, and the king was described in the very earliest written documents that we have as 'the tenant farmer of the god'."
- Julian Jaynes, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

"... The Akkadians called their predecessors Shumerians, and spoke of the Land of Shumer. "It was, in fact, the biblical Land of Shin'ar. It was the land whose name - Shumer - literally meant the Land of the Watchers. It was indeed the Egyptian Ta Neter - Land of the Watchers, the land from which the gods had come to Egypt."
- Zecharia Sitchin, The Stairway to Heaven

"It was from that planet [Nibiru], the Sumerian texts repeatedly and persistently stated, that the Anunnaki came to Earth. The term literally means 'Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came.' They are spoken of in the Bible as the Anakim, and in Chapter 6 of Genesis are also call Nefilim, which in Hebrew means the same thing: Those Who Have Come Down, from the Heavens to Earth."
- Zecharia Sitchin, Genesis Revisited

"The Anakim may have been Mycenaean Greek colonists, belonging to the 'Sea Peoples' confederation which caused Egypt such trouble in the fourteenth century B.C. Greek mythographers told of a Giant Anax ('king'), son of Heaven and Mother Earth, who ruled Anactoria (Miletus) in Asia Minor. According to Appollodorus, the disinterred skeleton of Asterius ('starry'), Anax's successor, measured ten cubits. Akakes, the plural of Nanx, was an epithet of the Greek gods in general. Talmudic commentators characteristically make the Anakim three thousand cubits tall."
- Robert Graves and Raphael Patai, Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis

The 5000 year old clay tablets of Sumeria tell the entire story. The Enuma elish

"'Deliver thou the scribe Nebseni, whose word is truth, from the Watchers, who carry murderous knives, who possess cruel fingers, and who would slay those who are in the following of Osiris.'May these Watchers never gain the mastery over me, and may I never fall under their knives!'
The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The following has been copied from the web site link below. This exerpt is included because the author refers to Manley P. Hall and the esoteric work he has done to expose the ancient 'Mysteries ' to freemasons. The author also refers to Zecharia Sitchin and Edgar Cayce who's work we use here to a great extent. The author claims he is the reincarnated Cayce.


So, if the above information is accurate, ( see the eunma elish page) we are dealing with an ancient advanced civilization that cooperated with far more evolved extraterrestrial and / or interdimensional beings, and which passed down their traditions in secret after the bulk of their civilization had collapsed, as well as “hiding them out in the open” through cloaked symbolic meanings, in many cases written right into the structure of buildings and sacred temples. We should remember that at this time in the world, most of the other cultures had not attained the sophistication of Atlantis, and thus had no clear historical record of their existence as they had been left alone. Thus, it was easy for Atlantis to be forgotten.

Throughout this series, we will see incontrovertible evidence of highly advanced ancient scientific knowledge, which suggests that the Atlanteans had a full awareness of the system of cosmology and physics that we will be discussing. It is interesting to point out that the Law of One series, which we consider to be perhaps the most reputable channeled material available, paints the exact same picture. “Ra” claims to have been in contact with the ancient Atlanteans and shared knowledge quite directly with them, including the gift of technical assistance in rendering the magnificent architectural marvels of the Great Pyramid.

We do know that the Egyptian inheritors of the Atlantean legacy worshipped a “god” known as Ra, and this account appears to be a time-distorted record of what started as a genuine contact, not simply another feeble-minded myth. The timelines that Ra gave for their contact with the Atlanteans (from approximately 18,000 to 11,000 years ago) fit very nicely with the time of the alignment that Bauval discovered at the Giza complex, (11,500 years ago,) and also fit with the timeline given by the Edgar Cayce Readings for the construction of the Great Pyramid (11,500 to 11,450 years ago.) This convergence of dates is but one of many layers of validation. Carla Rueckert, MLS, who brought through the information, has said that she was unaware of this convergence of Ra’s data with the Cayce Readings until she was informed at the end of 2001.

For thousands of years after the fall of Atlantis, many efforts have been made to re-integrate the lost sacred teachings, but it still doesn’t appear that there has ever been a truly complete model of the actual physics they were using available to the public… until now. As Manly P. Hall asserts, most of this knowledge was hidden in symbolic forms, which can be open to multiple interpretations. Therefore, the story gets more interesting once we realize that the original source of all the Atlanteans’ technical information was able to share their knowledge with humanity again in the early 1980s, without the use of symbolic, encrypted language, and completely outside of the mysterious cloaks of government conspiracy and secret societies. A tremendous amount of this information was later validated with ensuing scientific discoveries that were completely unknown at the time, so the “burden of proof” is extremely well satisfied, as we shall see. No other channeled source we have ever found has gone quite so far, with so much scientific validation, as the Law of One, so it is in a category all its own.

Indeed, we freely admit that the 'Law of One' material ultimately inspired this entire series, as Ra gave many specific pieces of information that could subsequently be verified with scientific findings that would come out in ensuing years. Without starting with the answers, we probably would not have known what questions to look for, and thereby discover the underlying proof. You don’t really need to accept the channeling if it simply leads you to an understanding of the hard science, but for those who are interested we will cover some of Ra’s non-provable spiritual philosophies as well. We have been able to continue to work and communicate with Ra to fill in the remaining pieces of their scientific model, predominantly through dream research that augments extensive physical research. The personal side of this is largely outside the scope of this series, but rest assured that we have had many, many cases of accurate future prophecies and other methods of direct validation, including as we said the physical appearance of Ra before others, including counseling clients and the author’s own brother.

One way would be to painstakingly attempt to reconstruct the science of the Ancients solely from the scattered bits and pieces of the past, cloaked in symbolism, such those pieces found as in Manly Palmer Hall’s book, which come from knowledge bases that Ra says were “quickly distorted” by the priesthoods of the day. Another way to write the book is to simply present the reader with some of Ra’s basic assertions about the Universe, summarized with our scientific conclusions that will be established throughout the series, and then leave it to each person as to whether they will accept or reject the material. This second choice is what we have decided to go with in this final version of the book, since it is good to have documentation of Ra’s basic model of the Cosmos somewhere in the series...
from Ascension 2000

More of this commentary is on The Enuma elish

More connections to the past

"Many books talk about the hermetic school of Tuthmosis III of Egypt, who reigned about 1450 BC. But it is not generally known that the school he originally inherited was the Royal Court of the Dragon. This had been founded by the priests of Mendes in about 2200 BC and was subsequently ratified by the 12th dynasty Queen Sobeknefru."

"This sovereign and priestly Order passed from Egypt to the Kings of Jerusalem; to the Black Sea Princes of Scythia and into the Balkans - notably to the Royal House of Hungary, whose King Sigismund reconstituted the Court just 600 years ago. Today it exists as the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty, and after some 4,000 years it is the oldest sovereign Court in the world."

"But what were the earliest aims and ambitions of the Order back in Pharaonic times? They were to perpetuate and advance the alchemical strength of the Royal Bloodline from Lord Enki, the Archetype.Laurence Gardner

In Genesis, the list of Kings could cover a time span of over 50,000 years. This timeline could actually put the existance of Enoch back to 10,700 BC, because between 11,600 and 10,560 BC, Atlantis sinks for the last time (Plato/Cayce). If Enoch lived 365 years and the pyramid is built in 10,490 BC we can put it all together. We believe Enoch was 'Taken to Heaven' and taught the sciences by God, before the final sinking of Atlantis.

In The book, Lost Books of the Bible, Forgotten books of Eden, Adam and Eve , page 6 Adam and Eve have been removed from the garden. 1. They are told by God, that "I have ordained on this earth days and years, and thou and thy seed shall dwell and walk in it, until the days and years are fulfilled; when I shall send the Word that created thee, and against which thou hast trangressed, the Word that made thee came out of the garden, and that raised thee when thou wast fallen". 2. Yea, the Word that will again save thee when the five days and a half are fulfilled." 6. God has to explain to Adam that the five days and a half are meant to be 3600 times 5 and a half years and 'One would come to save him and his seed'. Does this mean that man would last 50,000 years? We think it was more like 19,800 years. This is the time it takes for Nibru to circle our solar system 5 and a half times.

Using the complete cycle of precession of the Ages of the Zodiac, which is 25,920 years. We believe Adam was put on the Earth about 51,800 years ago. This is a little over two complete precessions ago. When the space boulder hit in 65,000 BC, God saved his seed but killed the dinasours. This ends the first cycle. So we will then say that around 24,500 - 26,000 BC, which agrees with the earth shift date above, the second Atlantian period ended. To prove the earth shift, we can provide an earth map that shows Antartica as a land mass in a warm climate. The Buache Map is an eighteenth century map prepared by the French geographer, Philippe Buache, in 1873. Some believe this island land mass was Atlantis as this map appears to be from 17,000 years ago. The map was published in 1737. The map was redrawn from the Mercator and Oronteus Finaeus maps. Core samples from this region have shown vegetation once florished of a variety only adaptable to a warm region. This only means one thing, the island was in a different place 26,000 years ago and that the polar ice cap melted.

The map also showed that there is a series of islands that form an archipelago with mile thick ice packed in between them and rising out of the sea. This is so intreiguing that the United States Government is conducting a secret maping project now. Here is another Theory that says aliens maped the earth. However, If you consider that it is said, the Alantians had aircraft, they did the maping project themselves. For example, in the early 19th century, ancient maps were found showing the Mediterranean and the area around the Dead Sea. After many prominent cartographers reviewed the maps, each individually, confirmed the remarkable fact that all the geographical data was present but not drawn in the right places. (even giving the topography of the interiors and many mountain ranges in the Antarctic that were not even discovered till the 20th century). It was concluded that these maps must have been taken from an aerial view from an extreme height, but how in ancient times? Von Daniken believes the maps can only be a result of alien technology. We believe it is from 'Atlantian technology'. also see Erich Von Daniken's Theory On Aliens. and visit.. The Lines of Peru Ancient runways.

The War God Baal More recent proof comes from the discovery of 'the Great Platform' found in Ba'albek, Lebanan which you saw on Passage page 4 and Hiram Intro 2 . This site is said to be more than 5,000 years old and contains the largest megalithic cut stones in the world. These huge stones weigh more than 1200 tons each. There is no modern crane in the world at present than can lift these stones. They are up to 82 feet long and 15 feet thick. Baalbek

Bible stories say that Ba'albek's first city was built before the Great Flood by Cain, the son of Adam, whom God banished to the `land of Nod' that lay `east of Eden' for murdering his good brother Abel, and he called it after his son Enoch.
The citadel, they say, fell into ruins at the time of the deluge and was much later re-built by a race of giants under the command of Nimrod, the `mighty hunter' and `king of Shinar' of the Book of Genesis. If it was indeed built by Cain, it's likely that the cut stones are over 35,000 years old and were lifted into position by the magic of 'levitation' and 'repulsion' or anti-gravity which was known and practiced by the ancient Priest's.

Another theory; Evidence now suggests that man may have ventured out into the Pacific over 30,000 years ago. New discoveries in partially submerged caves in New Ireland, a long narrow island east of New Guinea, are proving that man reached these islands tens of thousands of years ago.

Votan "The Legend of Votan, who had built the first city that was the cradle of Mesoamerican civilization, was written down by Spanish chroniclers from oral Mayan traditions. The emblem of Votan, they recorded, was the serpent; 'he was a descendant of the Guardians, of the race of Can'. 'Guardians' was the meaning of the Egyptian term Neteru (i.e., 'gods'). Studies such as that by Zelia Nuttal (Papers of the Peabody Museum) have suggested was a variant of Canaan who was (according to the Bible) a member of the Hamitic peoples of Africa and a brother-nation of the Egyptians."
- Zecharia Sitchin, When Time Began

"....The possibility, which we have already mentioned, that the earlier migrants might have been descendants of Cain, relates Nahuatlan beginnings to one of the first recorded forced deportations... However that wasn't the case at all.

After the Great Flood mining in the South African lands was impossible. Thoth had directed the African Olmecs and the bearded Near Easterners to the other side of the World. For that is where the gold was.

In Zeharia Sitchen's The Lost Realms, we find that the Olmecs are described as Black Africans, but that the Toltechs came (as the descendents of Cain) and forced them out. The nineteenth century explorer E.G. Squier saw vast remains that astounded him even in their ruined and unexcavated condition. In pages 104- 109 Sitchin relates that the 'bearded ones' (The Gods) and the Olmecs might have come from the Eastern Mediterranean by ships and were there at the time of the Maya. Indications are that the Olmecs arrived in 3113 BC but were far advanced in knowledge than the Astecs or the Maya at the time.

This news report suggests the Olmecs were in Mexico City 3000 years ago and that they were there along side another culture. Findings at the newly excavated Tamtoc archaeological site in the north-central state of San Luis Potosi may prompt scholars to rethink a view of Mesoamerican history that holds its earliest peoples were based in the south of Mexico.

"It is a very relevant indicator of an Olmec penetration far to the north, or of the presence of a new group co-existing with the Olmecs," said archaeologist Guillermo Ahuja, who led a government team excavating the site for the past five years.

At Tamtoc, scientists found evidence of an advanced civilization, with a hydraulic system, canals and other technology, making it the oldest and most advanced center of its time found in what later became Huasteco Indian region, Ahuja said. "It is the first and only Huasteco City we know," he said.

The 330-acre (133-hectare) complex has three plazas and more than 70 buildings and may indicate that the Olmecs migrated northward and mingled with other peoples there, he said.

When Anu and his spouce arrived to see all the mineral riches, the sacred precinct of Tiahuanacu, its golden enclosure, its quays, were all in place. Whom did the Anunnaki enlist and bring over, at about 4000 BC. to build all that? By then, the highland peoples around Sumer had already a tradition of rudimentary metallurgy and stoneworking, and they could hay been among the artisans brought over, But the true metallurgical technology including that of casting, of highrise construction, of building according to architectural plans and following stellar orientations, was in the hands of the Sumerians.

The central effigy in the semisubterranean sacred enclosure is bearded, as are many of the stone heads attached to the enclosure’s wall that portray unknown dignitaries. Many are turbaned, as Sumerian dignitaries had been.

One must wonder where and how the Incas, continuing the custom of the Ancient Empire, acquired the Sumerian (i.e.Anunnaki-given) rules of succession. Why was it that in their incantations the Inca priests invoked Heaven by uttering the magical words Zi-Anu and Earth by the words Zi-Ki-a—totally meaningless terms in either Ouechua or Aymara (according to S. A. Laforie Quevado, Ensavo Mitologico)—but words that in Sumerian mean “Heavenly Life’ (ZI.ANA) and “Life of Earth and Water (Zl.K1.A). And why did the Incas retain from ancient empire times the term Anta for metals in general and copper in particular—a term that is Sumerian as ANTA. would have been of a class with AN.NA (tin) and AN.BAR (iron)?

These relics of Sumerian metallurgical terms (which were borrowed by their successors) are augmented by the discovers of Sumerian mining pictographs. German archaeologists led by A. Bastian have found such symbols incised on rocks on the banks of the Manizates rivet in Colombia’s central gold region and a French governmental mission under Andre. exploring riverbeds in the eastern region, found similar symbols carved on rocks above caves that have been artifically deepened.
Zacharia SitchinThe Lost Realms

The Olmecs dug trenches, they were masters of stone work, they built channels for water to flow, and oddest of all, they made concave mirrors that were worn on their helments. Stelae show them emerging from 'alters' that represent entrances into the depths of the earth or inside caves and they are holding a puzzling array of tools. This lead to one conclusion: The Olmecs were miners. The legends of Votan, which speek of tunneling through mountians, support this conclusion. One Stela has him holding a flamethrower probably used to cut through stone.

What were they mining? A 'diamond' symbol was found on the wall in Mexico's Oaxaca Valley where it was discovered. It clearly depicts a person inside a confined area, using the flamethrower against the wall in front of him. The 'diamond' symbol on the wall probably signifies a mineral, but its meaning has not yet been deciphered.

As so many depiction attest, the puzzle of the African "Olmecs" is entwined with the enigma of the Bearded Ones from the eastern Mediteranean. They are depicted on monuments throughout the Olmec sites, in individual portraits or in encounter scenes. Specificantly, some encounters are shown to have taken place inside cavern: one, from Tres Zapotes even includes an attentant carring a lighting device when at the time only torches were used.

"....It is clear from Nahuatlan and Mayan legends that Quetzalcoatl (Kukulkan in Mayan lore/Thoth in Sumerian) had come to their lands with a small band of followers, and that his eventual departure was a forced one - an exile imposed by the War God. We believe that his arrival was also the result of a forced departure, an exile, from his native land, Egypt. The date of that first event is a vital component of the Mesoamerican counts of Time.

Indeed, in the heartland of Quetzalcoatl's domain, where the petroglyphs evolved into hieroglyphs akin to the earliest ones in Egypt, the most obvious traces of his presence are astronomically aligned temples, including circular and semicircular ones, and round observatories. Such remains begin with two perfectly round mounds that marked out the astronomical sightline at La Venta, one of the earliest sites of the Olmecs - African followers of Thoth who had arrived in Mexico by crossing the Atlantic circa 2500 B.C. or earlier.

"....Mayan astronomers used viewing devices that are often depicted in the codices and the similarities to Near Eastern instruments, viewing perches, and symbols are too numerous to be just coincidence.

"....The links with the ancient Near East in general, and with Egypt in particular, that are evidence by glyphs and archaeological remains are augmented by legends.

"....Both Nahuatlan traditions, as well as Mayan ones in such forms as the legend of Votan, recount the arrival of "the Fathers and the Mothers," the tribal ancestors, from across the seas. The Annals of Cakchiquels, a Nahuatlan record, states that while they themselves came from the west, there were others who had come from the east, in both instances "from the other side of the sea."

New evidence on Atlantis; Tiahuanaco is situated in a long, desolate and wind-swept valley, about 72 kilometers west of La Paz, the Bolivian capital, and on the southern shore of Lake Titicaca. Tiahuanaco was probably the centre of a powerful, self-sustaining empire in the southern Central Andes, governed by priest kings. Around the turn of the century Bolivian scholar Arthur Broznansky began a 50-year study of the ruins of Tiahuanaco. Using the science of Astronomy he concluded that the city was constructed more than 17,000 years ago long before any civilisation was supposed to have existed. He called this city the ‘Cradle of Civilisation’.

By measuring the angle of the cornerstones and comparing that angle to today’s sunrise position Broznansky was able to calculate that the city was built 17,000 years ago. Steede feels that the construction is more like 12,000 years old. The controversies about the age of its original construction are also attracting many scholars from different parts of the world. If Tiahuanacao was 17,000 thousand years old, as claimed by Bolivian scholar Arthur Broznansky, then it is likely to be the remains of the oldest civilisation of the world known so far. Some archaeologists and researchers even claim Tiahuanaco to be the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis. They have tried to show many similarities with the description of Atlantis with the findings of Tiahuanaco..see more.. The Real Atlantis?


Atlantis 18,000 Years ago Several strictly scientific, similar maps exist, and can be seen elsewhere, inclusive in the Internet. One of these maps, was published in the National Geographic Magazine (vol.174, no.4, Oct. 1988, pg. 446-7) and is reproduced, for comparison. It shows the world as it was some 18,000 years ago, at the peak of the last glaciation of the Pleistocene Ice Age. from The True History of Atlantis

In his book 'The Fragile South Pacific', Andrew Mitchell says "Until recently archaeologists who worked in the Bismarcks and the Solomons were unable to find any evidence of occupation by man older than 4,500 years. This seems odd, for man appears to have been in mainland New Guinea for at least 40,000 years; indeed, some believe that agriculture originated in the highlands of New Guinea so old are the cultures that have been discovered there. What took man so long to reach these nearest major islands? ...In 1985, Jim Allen and Chris Gosden from La Trobe University in Melbourne, excavated Matenkupkum cave in New Ireland and found human artifacts 33,000 years old deep in the earth deposits. These finds are set to revolutionize theories about the movement of man into the Pacific." from..Mysteries of the Polynesians

Early on, a Malaysian origin for the Polynesians was speculated. The second edition of pioneer anthropologist J.F. Blumenback's book Natural Varieties of Mankind (1781) added a fifth race to his originally speculated four of Caucasian, Asiatic, American Indian and Ethiopian. This fifth race was Malaysian, which included the Polynesians.

With the arrival of missionaries in the Pacific came other theories, such as that the Maoris "had sprung from some dispersed Jews," thereby making them one of the lost tribes of Israel. We now have the notion that Maoris, and Polynesians in general, are Semites. The Book of Mormon also follows this theory, stating that the Polynesians were descended from American Indian Semites who first landed in Hawaii in 58 B.C. after voyaging in Mexico and South America. Thor Heyerdahl has sought to provide some evidence of this hypothesis in a number of his expeditions. Heyerdahl is not a Mormon, but does believe that there was contact between Polynesia and the Americas. Heyerdahl has stated that voyagers in the Pacific came from both the shores of Asia and the Americas. Many critics of Heyerdahl have believed that he advocates the American contact theory exclusively, which is wrong.

Archaeologists admit that there is evidence that the Polynesians were in contact with North and South America, especially such islands or groups as the Marquesas, Rapa Nui and Hawaii. The sweet potato plant, or yam, is originally from South America and was known to have been cultivated on many Pacific islands before European discovery. The South American sweet potato was cultivated in ancient New Zealand and the Maoris called it Kumara.

Human evolution? The differences between Man and the 'Beasts'

No other creature on Earth has a soul except man, as God said, men are made in the image of Him, which is pure 'LIGHT' ( Soul ). Humans today take this for granted. Go back and read Genesis again...We think you were created by God. You are not evolved from some ape even if the DNA is similar.

Anthropologists have failed miserably to produce fossil evidence of man's 'missing link' with the apes and there has been a growing recognition of the complexity of organs such as the human brain.

In November 1859, Charles Darwin published a most dangerous idea - that all living things had evolved through a process of natural selection. Although there was almost no mention of mankind in Darwin's treatise.

Darwins co-discoverer Alfred Wallace was less reluctant to express his views. Wallace himself was adamant that 'some intelligent power has guided or determined the development of man'.

The term "evolution" used by Enoch, means the advancement of consciousness power in overcoming physical limitation and all conscious states that would inhibit the full expression of the Love to God in all kingdoms of intelligence. True evolution is "spiritual evolution" whereby your spiritual vehicles evolve toward the divine self in concert with one another. Spiritual evolution coordinates the enlightenment of your consciousness vehicles giving sustaining purpose to life through the fruits of Love and Wisdom.

But then you have HOMO ERECTUS, which represents a long line of fossils found in eastern Africa, the Middle East and southern and southeastern Asia (where the fossils are called Java Man) from about 1.7 million to 200,000 years ago. Was Java Man really Human?

When we look at the discoveries of Richard Leake, we also know that there were sub-humans on the earth much farther back in time than we care to imagine. But were these creatures really human? And when did real intelligence emerge?

caveman Neanderthal

According to Leake; "It's more likely that erectus evolved first in Africa from an ergaster ancestor, then migrated after ergaster into other parts of Africa and the Middle East, then into China and southern Asia (as far as Java and Borneo)."
Despite its long survival and continually increasing brain size -- and cultural advances that included geographic dispersion throughout southern Asia, the domestication of fire, refinement to Acheulean tools, and long-term cave habitation -- erectus is apparently a specialization of ergaster that is NOT a precursor to modern human populations.

Homo neanderthalensis

This says, HOMO NEANDERTHALENSIS, which lived from about 250,000 to 30,000 years ago, is the last species to diverge from the human line prior to the emergence of modern humans, and the last species of hominid to have gone extinct. Some experts claim that modern humans and Neandertals shared genes and habitats right up until about 30,000 years ago, but this is a minority view falling ever further into empirical complications. Neandertals The extinction of Neandertals coincides in most geographic regions with the arrival of modern humans and the most recent Ice Age. But humans did not evolve from these.

Upper Paleolithic tool assemblages include end scrapers, burins (chisel-like stones for working bone and ivory), bone points, ivory beads, tooth necklaces, and abstract animal or human figurines. All these imply a parallel refinement in clothing, shelters, utensils, ornament, medicine, nutrition and ritual practices. By this time, then, stone and bone tool usage pervaded a great variety of other manufacturing activities and almost certainly produced both division of labor and social hierarchies based on toolmaking skills and personal or household possession of costly or precious artifacts.

The increasing tempo of tool innovation and the greater effectiveness of upper paleolithic hunting implements put relentless pressure on declining species of large game, driving many to extinction or into habitats remote from human activity. This decline in hunting resources in turn hastened the transition of human societies from hunter-gatherer to agricultural economies. Tools had evolved to influence, if not determine, human history.

After Neanderthals went extinct, the Gravettian period (28,000 to 22,000 years ago) added backed blades and bevel-based bone points to the tool repertory. Ivory beads turn up as burial ornaments, and ritual "Venus figurines" appear. from..Hominid Tools
We know there was a factory found in the Czech Republic that dates to 26,000 years ago. The remains of Mammoth bones , post holes and limestone blocks were found nearby a mammoth grave yard. Also found were the remains of a brick making hut. It was round and contained a horse-shoe kiln pit made from earth and limestone. A wall, 100 feet high, was close by what was described as the earth material called 'loess', that is used for brick making. They had high quality stone tools and seemed to transport goods to make them from a good distance away.

24,000 B.C. -End of second Atlantian Period - second epoch,(Cayce); anatomically modern man arrives on Iberian peninsula;
Experts examining a 25,000-year-old child's skeleton in Portugal believe it represents compelling evidence that humans as we know them evolved from mating between Neanderthals and anatomically modern man who arrived on the Iberian peninsula between 30,000 and 28,000 years ago.(science)This is now disputed.

Was there some other means by which man arrived here?

This Info from a friend,.. "Man Does appeared in their image", from the Gospel of Thomas quote, 'referred to above', referring to the "Annunaki".... Over 50,000 years ago, the planet was visited by a race of beings known as the collective All, but one race was of the human species. This 'human' group aligned with 'The Law of One'. They were from three main colony zones: Sirius, Orion, Pleiades...all life found in this region is of the same genetic blueprint. They seeded this earth with their genetic codes. see Genesis 1: 1-7. The Elohim ( also called fallen angles ) were the Atlantians and their modifications of pre-humans to create a copy of modern man (Adamu) resulted in their own destruction."

"I remember in 1988 hearing that the DNA from prehistoric man doesn't relate to modern man's DNA. The Annunaki ( which is very close to the word 'Ammonite' ) created the Adamu (E-hums) to help them with laborous work in the nile valley. It became a status symbol amoung the Ank to own many human slaves "(E-hums).....

Why were they different?

The DNA doesn't match because these so-called pre-humans were Neanderthals. This is confirmed by the link to the Neanderthal, above and a link to Human Evolution below. This group of nonprimates were the remnants of experiments the Elohims conducted to genetically alter humans. Because they had the 'wisdom of God', these first fallen angles,( Gods ) were 'knowers of the All' meaning there was not anything they could not accomplish, maunfacture or know. Except that they could not give their creation a soul. This is why God destroyed the creatures they made in the end. These creatures never became humans and there is no missing link. These non-humans and the decendents of the Elohim are the race that God destroyed in the first flood. But this flood was before Adam's time. Enoch says, "the fallen angels lacked true intelligenge or knowledge"...Because there was something missing from these early copies of man that only God could give them.

A 3.5-million-year-old skull found by Kenyan 
researchers on a National Geographic Society expedition in 1998-99see... New humaniod skull found by Richard Leaky. ScienceDaily (Mar. 23, 2001) — March 21, 2001 – After the partial skeleton of a 3.2-million-year-old human relative known as Lucy was found in Ethiopia in 1974, many researchers believed her species – Australopithecus afarensis – was the ancestor of modern humans. Now, in a stunning discovery, scientists working in Kenya have found the skull and partial jaw of a completely different genus and species, with a flattened face and small molar teeth much different than those of afarensis. The discovery of the 3.2- to 3.5-million-year-old fossils raises the question of whether modern humans descended from Lucy’s species or from the newly discovered species....NOT!

On our series 'Forbidden Knowledge, we discuss the theory of evolution. It's just a theory, There is no link!

The twenty-first century may well be the era in which humans learn the secrets of eternal life, but it may also be a time to be reminded of the many dangers inherent in exploring these god-like abilities. We will experience wonderful discoveries in medicine and science, cures for cancer and aids, alzheimers, ect. Technology will abound, but are we setting ourselves up for a fall from grace again?

We are programed by religious teaching that Adam was made by God, not by the experiments of the Elohim, who tried to 'copy' this blueprint. Scientists have argued that the Neanderthals and the other perhistoric non humans, called Homo erectus, and Cro-Magnon may have existed at the same time. This would explain why, but real humans ( decendents of Adam ) also existed and made their way to North America before the Ice Age. New evidence has proven this with the finding of a settlement along the Notoway River in Sussex County, Virginia, documented to be 16,000 years old.. With the Earth's perodic destruction of it's own crust, and the advances of Ice over the ages, volcanic eruptions and floods, the rest of the evidence may never be found.

The words of Plato, the Greek Philosopher

Plato Plato wrote about Atlantis in 360BC. He was told the story by Critias, who was a relative , and who at the time was nearly ninety years old. Critias was a student of Socrates and was considered one of the 'Thirty Tyrants ' imposed on Athens by the Spartans. He earned a name for rapacity and bloodthirstyiness.

The story is about the conflict between the ancient Athenians and the Atlantians 9000 years before Plato's time. Knowledge of the distant past apparently forgotten to the Athenians of Plato's day, the story of Atlantis was conveyed to Solon by Egyptian priests. Solon passed the tale to Dropides, the great-grandfather of Critias. Critias learned of it from his grandfather also named Critias, son of Dropides.

...Critias told of a man he knew called Solon, whom he considered the 'wisest of men' and a noble poet. In his youth Critias was taught to sing songs of the poetry as a means of getting rewards for citations the school childern could remember. Solon had declared the stories and poems he wrote of were not myths but actual fact.

Solon went on to tell of an old man he knew who was a priest in Egypt. The priest told him how , for many thousands of years the earth and the people had been destroyed over and over and how the survivors had to begin again from nothing. The common people had no written records to guide them. The civilation of the Minoans existed in the Aegean Sea from about 3000BC until 1450BC. The legend says that in an earlier time a Godess named Neith had helped them and provided them with 'letters' and the other requisites of life. She showed them the skills of medicine, and the devine elements of knowledge that were essential to survival.

The priest went on to say, " You are all young in mind... You have no knowledge hoary with age. But out traditions here are the oldest... In our temples we have preserved from earliest times a written record of any great or splendid achievement or notable event which has come to our ears whether it occured in your part of the world, or here, or anywhere else; whereas with you, and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed, when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends, and spares none but the unlettered and uncultured, so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what has happened in our past part of the world or in yours in early times." .. The priest then tells of a metal called 'orichalc' which in the early times was a metal more valuable than gold. These 'memories' and writings had also been preserved in Mesopotamia, therefore it could not be coincidence. The 'memories' directly relate to the cult of Thoth, in Egypt and Sin. In Mesopotamia, he was the Moon God. But wait! Weren't Abraham and Ezekiel taken up in a space ship and they viewed the earth from afar?. Was this part of 'The Secret Knowledge' that was passed down amoung the priests. see From Timaeus by Plato

This was taught to them by the 'Gods'. Legend says, the Gods were 'The Seven Sages' and the world emerged from a flood from a place called' The Great Primeval Mound '( Eden ). The story of the Seven Sages can be found in 'The Building Texts' at the temple of Edfu. This temple is located midway between Aswan and Luxor. The Texts tell the story of Egypt's Zep Tepi.

It was also Horus's temple.

Was it a sad commentary on the history of warfare that the essi­anic Essenes envisioned the Final War of Men as one in which the Company of the Divine would join the Congregation of the Mortals, and the “war cries of gods and men” would mingle on the battlefield? Not at all. What The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness had envisioned was simply that human warfare shall end just as it had begun: with gods and men fighting side by side.

Incredible as it may sound, a document does exist that describes the first war in which the gods involved mortal men. It is an inscription on the walls of the great temple at Edfu; an ancient Egyptian holy city that was dedicated to the god Horus. It was there, Egyptian traditions held that Horus established a foundry of “divine iron” and where in a special enclosure , he maintained the great Winged Disk that could roam the skies. ‘When the doors of the foundry open,” an Egyptian text declared; '"the Disk riseth up";
The inscription remakable for its geographical accuracy, begins with an exact date - a date not in the affairs of the men but of the gods. It deals with events when the gods themselves long before the Pharaohs, reigned over Egypt

In the year 363 His Majesty, Ra the Holy One, the Falcon of the Horizon, the Immortal Who Forever Lives, was in the land of Khenn. He was accompanied by his warriors, for the enemies had conspired against their lord in the district which has been called Ua-Ua since that day. Ra went there in his boat, his companions with him. He landed in the district of the Throne Place of Horns, in the western part of this district, east of the House of Khennu, the one which has been called Roya Khennu from that time on.
Zecharia Sitchen The Wars of Gods and Men

Link to Ancient religion.. The Origin of The Seven Sacraments

Atlantis is the ultimate source of all mythologies and all religions. Indeed, the essence of the ancient Mystery Religions — from which Christianity sprung — centered on the theme of Atlantis and its demise in the cataclysm we call the Flood. The eschatology — that is, the doctrine of final things such as Doom and the Resurrection of the Dead — of Millenarian Religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism all issue rather directly from the myths of Atlantis and its terrible fate.

So do traditions such as the Grail Cycle and the myth of the Wandering Hero in search of Paradise. Indeed, Atlantis is no other than the Primordial Paradise, which was the source from where the gods and angels brought the Gospels and the seeds of knowledge in the dawn of times. In this section we review certain themes like the Atlantean origin of myths, symbols and rites such as the Mysteries and the Christian Sacraments which we commemorate more or less apishly, in total ignorance of their essential connection with Atlantean events.

Proclus, a commentator of Plato's works, affirms that Crantor too visited Sais, in Egypt, as Solon had done 300 years before. There, the Egyptian priests showed him a golden pillar inscripted with hieroglyphs that recorded in detail the history of Atlantis exactly as they had told it to his famous predecessor.

Manetho, the Egyptian chronicler, confirms the existence of such pillars and claims that, shortly before the Flood, Thoth-Hermes inscribed in stelae (pillars) the epitome of the ancient wisdom, so that the ancient knowledge should not be lost in the cataclysm.

Josephus, the Jewish historian contemporaneous with Christ, reports that Seth (Thoth?) "in order that wisdom and astronomical knowledge should not perish in the cataclysm.. made two pillars, one of stone the other of brick in which he inscribed this knowledge for posterity, said pillars existing in the land of Siriad to this day".

Herodotus (Hist. II:58) personally saw, in Tyre (Phoenicia), in a temple of Hercules, "two pillars, one of pure gold, the other of emerald, which shone with great brilliancy at night." Such Pillars of Hercules were erected by the Phoenicians just about everywhere they settled. But they did it particularly at crucial straits linking two seas, as was the case of Gibraltar, the Bosphorus, etc. The twin pillars commemorated, according to experts, the two founders of Atlantis, Hercules and Atlas.

Alexander, the Great, personally saw and inspected, according to his historians, many such giant pillars of gold bearing strange scripts in the extremities of India. He went beyond the pillars of Hercules and Dionysus as the limits of their exploits towards the Orient (the Indies), and even left his own pillars as a testimony of his feat. Now, Dionysus is the divine alias of Atlas, the elder twin of Hercules. So, just as we had the Pillars of Hercules and Atlas in Gibraltar, marking the western extreme of their ancient exploits, we also have their eastern counterparts in the extremities of the Indies, marking the true site of Atlantis.

Plato affirms, in his Critias, that the Atlantean kings inscribed in golden pillars their laws, edicts and judicial decisions, in a strange ritual involving the sacrifice of a bull dedicated to Poseidon. This type of ritual is characteristic of the Indies, where it is called Gomedha This sacrifice commemorates the death of Paradise (Gomeda-dvipa), which seems to be no other than Atlantis itself. A well-known instance of such inscribed pillars in India is the Pillar of Delhi, erected by King Ashoka, to commemorate his victory over his enemies. Though made of steel, the Pillar of Delhi is a peerless technological feat of antiquity, one that many experts associate with Atlantis. The pillar is forged from a single piece of steel, and is stainless, having defied the centuries without any oxidation at all. No one in antiquity could have matched this feat of the Hindus, which certainly obtained this sophisticated technology in Atlantis.

Another puzzling technology that proves the superior metallurgical skill of the Atlanteans is the "orichalch" that Plato mentions as covering the walls of Atlantis. Rather than the foolish idea of "mountain copper" — for copper ores, as indeed most metals, normally come from the mountains — the true etym of the name is as in the Latin spelling aurichalcum, that is, "golden copper", or "golden bronze". In reality the word pertains to brass, an alloy of copper and zinc that resembles gold, just as Plato states. Brass was only developed again in modern times, due to insuperable technological difficulties. And the secret of its technology was passed on by the Hindus, who got it directly from Atlantis, where else? The fact that Plato knew of it, and attributed its technology to Atlantis can, hence, hardly be doubted.

Plato tells how the walls of Atlantis were clad with gold, silver, bronze, tin and orichalch. This fact attests Atlantis' enormous mineral wealth, at an epoch when no one else had yet developed these sophisticate technologies. Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, was used in enormous quantities during the Bronze Age. The sources of these metals and, particularly, tin, have never been adequately identified. The Koltepe mines in Anatolia (Turkey) were a puny affair, those of Tartessos (Spain) were purely legendary, and those of Cornwall (England) were discovered only after the Bronze Age had declined. All that tin traditionally came from the legendary "Islands of Tin", the Cassiterides. These mysterious islands were also called Tarshish, Tartessos, "Islands of Metals", etc.. Their existence is stated in the Bible and other sources which are hard to doubt. As we detail elsewhere, Tarshish was in reality the same as Punt (Indonesia), even today the world's greatest supplier of tin. So, if Plato is indeed right, we are led to conclude that Atlantis was in fact Indonesia.

Lady of Elche About 2,500 years ago, in 533 B.C., a city of ancient Spain (Iberia) was conquered by the Carthaginians and disappeared: Tartessus (Tartessos in Spanish), and it has not been found yet.

Classical authors say that Tartessus was probably located at the mouth of Guadalquivir river (latin name: Bactis Flumen); its population reached a high level of civilization, which traded with many countries of the Mediterranean Sea, and even more distant (America?). Maybe Tartessus had very ancient origins. In the picture above a historical map is reported, showing the Spanish coast between the Gibraltar Strait and the today Spain-Portugal border line. No trace of Tartessus city remained in the Roman Empire age (Augustus' reign), but the gulf that today takes its name from the city of Cadiz (ancient Gadira or Gades) was named Tartessius Sinus (gulf of Tartessus). The Latin name of the Guadalquivir river was Bactis, Hispalis matches with the modern city of Sevilla, and Gadira - or Gades - with Cadiz.

We can find the ancient name of Cadiz in the Plato's dialogue "Critias", one of the Plato's dialogues. The first king of Atlantis, it says: "To his twin brother, who was born after him [Atlas], and obtained as his lot the extremity of the island towards the Pillars of Heracles, facing the country which is now called the region of Gades in that part of the world, he gave the name which in the Hellenic language is Eumelus, in the language of the country which is named after him, Gadeirus." Therefore, according to Critias, Gadeirus was the first king of the region of Atlantis facing the Iberian peninsula.

Onoba Aestuaria was in the location near the modern city of Huelva, upon Rio Tinto river, whose name is connected to ancient copper mines. The Gibraltar strait was called Fretum Gaditanum, taking its name from the city of Gades (Cadiz), or Herculeum too (Pillars of Hercules).

According to Strabo, a complex network of canals radiated from Guadalquivir river; furthermore, the inhabitants of Tartessus, the Tartessians or Turdetanians, were the most cultured people of the Iberians: "having since ancient time writing in prose, poems and laws in verse that according to them were 6,000 years old"; at the age of Poseidonius, 100 years B.C., Tartessian literature was still conserved.

According to old writers the Tartessians were expert metallurgical, Diodorus tells that in the country was plenty of gold, silver and especially copper. According to the Bible, Tartessus was famous for its riches, particularly its silver mines. 1 Kings10:22, Psalm 72:10, Jeremiah 10: 9.

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