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We Are Mot A Web Ring

"The Freemasons Education Group" was started for two reasons.

First, to gather into one place, a collection of links to web sites of Freemasons who are interested in informing and educating our Brother Masons and Non-Masons alike about Freemasonry.

Secondly as an alternative (better I hope) to most Web Rings who are in it for the money. The rules are few and simple.

  1. Your web site must primarily be a Masonic site.

  2. Your web site must contain a section with Masonic educational material.

    The following types of sites do not qualify

        Sites whose only purpose is for profit.
        Sites with only Lodge histories or information.
        Sites whose education section is links to other

  3. The only information you are ask to give is your web site's TITLE and URL (Site Address). Your personal information will not be sold, traded or given to anyone, because I won't have your personal information and will never ask you for it.

  4. Commercial sites that qualify under Rule #2 will be allowed in the group, but listed in the commercial section.

  5. All sites must be considered family friendly.

  6. Site qualifications are determined by the Web Master.

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How To Add A Link to
Your Web Page From the "The
Freemason Education Group"

You must E-mail your Web Page Name and Web Page URL (address) to Corky before your site will be added to the links. Corky's E-mail address is or you can click on the E-mail link below. After the judges check the site, the graphic and code will be emailed to qualified sites in a couple of days. When you receive it, add the graphic and code to your home page provider's hard drive and add the code to your web page.



The  Freemasons
Education  Group  Members

Masonic Education And Advancment Sites
Small Town Texas Masons

The Lodges Of Waller County, Texas Including Brookshire #1066, Hempstead #749, Pleasant Hill #380 and Waller #808. Plus Many Educational pages. Texas Masonic Heros.
Hempstead Masonic Lodge
#749 AF & AM

Hempstead Masonic Lodge History. Newsletter Archives. Masonic Information, A Brother Remembers 9 - 11- 01
Hiram Abiff, King of Egypt,
1554 BC
This Masonic site offers 'Light' not found on many other Masonic sites. It investigate the origin of the 'Brotherhood' from Enoch to Jesus.
King Edward Lodge #93  
Very well designed and informative web site from our Masonic Brothers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
"From Darkness to Light"  
An individual's Masonic site rather then an individual Masonic Lodge site. An informative Masonic web site with a little different slant.
Waller Masonic Lodge
#808 AF & AM

The Largest small town Texas Masonic web site on the internet. Filled with pages of Masonic Information and education. Waller is located about 40 miles west of Houston, Texas
St. Johns Masonic Lodge No. 788 Cairncastle
(Province of Antrim, Irish Constitution.)
A well designed and informative web site. An Irish Masonic Lodge located near the town of Larne in northeast, Northen Ireland. Chartered 1807
Oak Forest Masonic Lodge # 832
A well designed web site. The Oak Forest Masonic Lodge #832 AF & AM is a 109 year old Masonic Lodge in the city of Oak Forest, Illinois.
Warren G. Harding Lodge #260
A new and growing web site for the Warren G. Harding Lodge #260 Lodge in Poulsbo, WA.
Western Arkansas Scottish Rite
The Western Arkansas Bodies web site is a good source of information about Scottish Rite Masonry in general and Arkansas Scottish Rite in particular.
Amrita Grotto
A Grotto's main purpose was to add to the Masonic fraternal spirit the charm of cheerfulness and to maintain good fellowship within the fraternity, where joyous companionship and helpful sympathy shall become the distinguishing characteristics of the Order.
Belle Point #20 F & AM
Belle Point #20 F & AM Masonic Lodge is a 150 tear old Lodge located in Ft. Smith Arkansas. The site is interesting, educational and a pleasing site to visit.
Suburban Lodge #740 F&AM was chartered in 1902.
Suburban Lodge is 101 years old this year "2003) It is located in Louisville, Kentucky
Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM
Daylight Lodge #760 Free and Accepted Masons meets in the Shively Masonic Building, located in Louisville, Kentucky. The Daylight Lodge was chartered on October 18th, 1904 for Masons who could not attend meetings at night. The "Kentucky Wizard" has done an excellent job with this site.
Shively Lodge #951 F&AM
Shively Lodge #951 was chartered in 1960 in Shively, Kentucky. The Lodge's website is an interesting and informative site to visit. The "Kentucky Wizard" has done an excellent job with this site also.
11th. Masonic District
This is a new Canadian site by web master Brother Greg Balla ( DDGM of District 11). It is may be even better then his usual standards. Lots of Masonic information. Also visit Greg's, King Edward Lodge site (Listed above) at
University Lodge #683
A.F. & A.M.
A new web master with a new approach to the web site for a fairly new Lodge. Well worth a visit. Good job Brother Rick.
British Bytes
British Bytes is an occasional newsletter of GFN Masons based in the UK. You don't know the GFN? It stands for the Global Fraternal Network located at It is Masonic exchange web site to promote Masonic education. Organized under the Auspices of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York
Jacques DeMolay Masonic Lodge No. 1390 AF&AM
The Jacques DeMolay Lodge has a very good different "Short Talk" section.
The NEW MODEL LODGE, USA is a repository of "best practices" from lodges all over the world, but more especially the United States.
The Music Of Freemasonry
This website is dedicated to the rich history of freemasonry in music. Many composers have written songs and tunes for freemasonry, its various bodies and masonic subjects.
Lodge Dalkeith Kkilwinning No10
This website is for one of the oldest Masonic Lodges, written records go back to 1736. It is a very well thought out and constructed site.
Old Epsomian Lodge No. 3561
Masonic facts, photos, history, quiz, chat room, jokes & links to quality Masonic sites
Freemason Online
A brand new Freemason Discussion Forum site. Grand opening 01/01/04, but already making a strong entry.
Paragould Masonic Lodge #368
Very well designed and informative web site from our Masonic Brothers in Arkansas
Dentsville Lodge No. 398 AFM
Very interesting site for the Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina. You have to dig a little, but it is filled with some very interesting pages on Masonry and it's history.
Grand Lodge of Arkansas
The un-official ArkMason site.
Many interesting pages about Masonry and the Masons of Arkansas.
McNeil Lodge #440 F & AM
Freemasonry in Arkansas.
Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge Research Circle
A very enjoyable site to visit. Many original articles about Freemasonry. Chennai, India
MagheramorneMasonic Lodge No. 514
A newer Lodge in Ireland. Well, 1921 is a fairly new Lodge for Ireland. Brother Millar has a very well designed and easy to navagate Masonic site.

Non- English Language
Masonic Education And Advancment Sites
Antares 155 No. 11
(RESP.·. LOG.·. SIMB.·. Antares 155 No. 11)
This site is in Spanish only. But, it can be translated to English (or other languages) by giving it's URL at
RESP:.L:. "Ensenanza" N.12  
This site is in Spanish only. But, it can be translated to English (or other languages) by giving it's URL at
- Sol e Liberdade n║ 2897 (TupŃ-SP)
This site is in Portuguese only. But, it can be translated to English (or other languages) by giving it's URL at
Obreros Del Templo No. 81
This site is in Spanish only. But, it can be translated to English (or other languages) by giving it's URL at

Appendant Sites Suporting Advancement Of Masonry
Sister Peggy Grices Site
This website is dedicated to the Order Of The Eastern Star and the Heroines of Jericho in Darmstadt Germany .
Fort Worth Assembly #15 IORG
A very well designed web site, full of history and information about the "International Order Of The Rainbow For Girls".
Least we forget, many of these young ladies will develop into future supporters of Masons and Masonry.

Commerical Masonic Sites
The Mark Token Collector's Club (England)
It's purpose is, as the name suggests, to bring together collectors of masonic tokens and assist in making collections complete through exchanging surplus or duplicate items

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