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The Heart of England Lodge meets on the third Thursday of the months October to April inclusive, at the Knowle Masonic Centre,
Our lodge is one of almost 200 in the Masonic Province of Warwickshire

Freemasonry has nothing to hide; if we had, this site, and many others like it, would not be published. We want to help dispel some of the myths surrounding Freemasonry and to this end there are no restrictions on access to any part of the site. Here you will find an open presentation of the aims and objectives of Freemasonry, together with an insight into the way a lodge is organised and the typical evening's "work" of a Freemason in his lodge. We hope you will find the site informative and that you will leave with a better understanding of who we are and what we stand for.

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16th Oct. 2014

20th Nov. 2014
3rd Degree

18th Dec. 2014
Ladies' Informal

15th Jan. 2015

19th Feb. 2015
GL Certificate.

19th Mar. 2015
1st & 2nd Tracing Boards

16th Apr. 2015
Masonic Music