Champions again!!

The Winning Team (205 KB)
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#1 at Imperial 2 Years in a Row!!

Midwest Champions again!!

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18 of the last 19 years  --  the 19th was a rainout *<]:0)8

New Pin Design


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posted 12/3/03


Imperial/Midwest Results 2003

Imperial Competition:
1st - Parade Unit
1st - Multiple Unit Skit
Top Ten:
Whiteface - Tim "Bubbles" Bachman
Tramp - Steve "Willie G. Wizz" Hanson and Harlan "Dinger" Anderson
Auguste - Dick "Buttons" Schlechter

Midwest Competition:
2nd Whiteface - Tim Bachman
1st Tramp - Steve Hanson
2nd Tramp - Harlan Anderson
2nd Auguste - Dick Schlechter
3rd Character - Merritt "Smokey" Hosley
1st Senior - Dick "Squeeker" Kelley
2nd Two Man Skit - Kelley / Schlechter

Lots of hardware and lots of fun.
(reported by Dick "Buttons" Schlechter)





Joe Foss Obituary

Joe Foss was our first Big Clown.  Click here to read the obituary. 

posted 1/02/03



Midwest Shrine Session

El Riad Clowns - Saturday Midwest parade 2002