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President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Armistice
Day Address Before the Tomb of the Unknown
Soldier November 11, 1940

On this day which commemorates the end of fighting between human beings in a world war, it is permissible for me to search back in the history of civilization, in order to visualize important trends.

On the Great Seal of the United States, which, for a century and a half, has reposed in the loving care of a long line of Secretaries of the State, appears these words: "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which means: "A New Order of the Ages." . . .

1. On some bills a G stands for God. 2. George Washington - Past Master.
3. The Scale is for justice and Libra, the 7th Sign. 4. The Square, the working tool of a Mason.
5. The Key - Of the treasure - that unlocks the door to Masonry. 6. The Sun rises in the background bringing more light.

7. The Eye - of harest Greek God of health and wealth - the all seeing eye. 8. The land of Egypt.
9. The number 13 - 13 levels on the pyramid - 72 stones - 13 stars. 10. ANNUIT An endless amount - COEPTIS A new empire - NOVUS Something new - ORDO A way of life - SECOLORUM To take from another.
11. The eagle - The eagle shall be the phoenix on the great seal of the United States. President Truman issued an Executive Order on October 25, 1945, that specified the eagle on the Seal shall face toward the olive branch symbolizing "Peace" instead of facing the arrows symbolizing the "Power of War."

The Great Seal Of The U.S

    • The shield, or escutcheon, is shown on the breast of the eagle
      without any support, indicating the self-reliance of the United
      States. Thirteen red and white stripes appear on the shield,
      signifying the 13 original states. The red color represents
      hardiness and valor, and the white represents purity and
      innocence. These stripes support and unite with the top blue
      band, which represents Congress. Blue signifies vigilance,
      perseverance and justice.

    • The eagle's talons hold 13 arrows in the right and an olive
      branch in the left.These symbolize the power of war and peace,
      respectively. The number of arrows again represents the 13
      original states.

    • The constellation of 13 stars (states) above the eagle's head
      signifies the United States' rank among other sovereign powers.

    • The motto, "E Pluribus Unum," written on the banner held in
      the eagle's beak is Latin meaning "Out of many, one," conveying
      the union of the States.

    • The pyramid

    • The eye in the triangle above the pyramid

    • The Roman numerals, MDCCLXXVI, appear on the base of the pyramid and translate to 1776, the year of independence.

    • Above the "eye" are the Latin words "Annuit Coeptis." This
      translates to "He has favored our undertakings." This line is
      associated with the "Eye of Providence."

    • Below the pyramid are the Latin words "Novus Ordo Seclorum,"
      meaning "A new order of the ages," referring to the birth of
      America in 1776.


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