Lodge Toryglen, Glasgow

No. 1561 on the RoGLoS

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Tom Baggley - RWM

Tom Baggley joined the lodge in ? and has been a regular attendee since. Tom has held 5 offices in Lodge Toryglen and is regularly involved in degree work. He is a regular visitor to other lodges and is well known and respected within and out with the province.

E-mail: RWM@toryglen1561.co.uk

Les Baggley - WSW

Charles (Les) Baggley joined the lodge in ?. He is the father of Tom Baggley and he introduced Tom to freemasonry.

John Monteith PM - WJW

John was RWM twice for Lodge Toryglen in 1991 & again in 2003. He has held ? Offices in the lodge and is an office bearer in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow.

Gary McLaughlin PM - Treasurer

Gary joined the lodge in ? And was RWM in 2003/2004. Gary has held 7 offices during his time in freemasonry and he became Treasurer in 2005.

Peter McLean PM - Secretary

Peter joined the lodge in ? And was RWM in 1994. He has recently held the office of Secretary for ? Years and is the lodge point of contact for other lodges and enquiries.

E-mail: WSW@toryglen1561.co.uk

E-mail: WJW@toryglen1561.co.uk

E-mail: Treasurer@toryglen1561.co.uk

E-mail: Secretary@toryglen1561.co.uk

Meet our Office Bearers……...

Our Senior Office bearers are pictured below. A lot of hard work goes into the running of the lodge and the senior office bearers are well aware of this. Our thanks go to these gentlemen, which without their dedication and continued support the lodge would not be the success that it is currently.


Along with each picture, is some contact information for anyone who wishes to get in touch with the lodge, or a particular person within our brethren.

Dougie joined the lodge in ? And was RWM in 1996. Dougie has been Director of Ceremonies for ? Years and also instructs the Brethren on degree work and protocol.

Douglas Thomson PM - D.o.C. & Instruction Master

E-mail: Secretary@toryglen1561.co.uk