The Inscription on Plymouth Rock Monument by Anonymous
This Monument Marks the First Burying Ground in Plymouth of the Passengers of the Mayflower
Here, under the cover of darkness, the fast dwindling company laid their dead, leveling the earth above them lest the Indians should know how many were the graves. Reader! History records no nobler venture for faith and freedom than this Pilgrim band. In weariness and painfulness, in watchings, often in hunger and cold, they laid the foundations of a state wherein every man, through countless ages, should have liberty to worship God in his own way. May their example inspire thee to do thy part in perpetuating and spreading the lofty ideals of our republic throughout the world!
======= I looked around for this quote, and this is what I found. Interestingly, the quote itself is difficult to find, though it is referenced frequently, but only generally, rarely specifically, and mostly by Christian groups. I think I have seen it differently, but can't put my hands on the copy of it that I have around here. Argueably, it can be said to be the most famous rock in the US, and symbolically, it is at the very foundation of our country itself.