I stumbled accross this one recently, thought I would share it. I have no idea who wrote it, but I liked it.


Code Of Ethics Of Masonry

*Adore the Great Architect of the Universe.

*Love your neighbor

*Do good, symphatize with the weak, shun the malevolent, but do not hate anybody

*Talk with respect to superior, with prudence to peers, with sincerity to friends, and with tenderness to the poor.

*Always listen to the voice of your conscience.

*Avoid disputes and shun insults; on such occasions utilize your reason.

*Respect women. Never abuse them and die before dishonoring them.

*If the Grand Architect of the Universe gives you a son, that Him but tremble for the deposit He has entrusted to you in the future, you will be for that child the image of the deity. Make sure he fears you until age 10, loves you until age 20, and respects you until death. Until 10 be his teacher, until 20 his father, and until death his friend.

*Teach your children sound principles before fine manners. See that they owe you a clarified doctrine before a frivolous elegance, and that they prefer to be honorable men rather than able men.

*Read and make the most of your reading. Observe and imitiate. Reflect and work. See that everything redounds to the benefit of mankind rather than your own benefit.

*Be always content for everything, with everything, and of everything.

*Never rashly judge the actions of men by either pardoning or condemning them.

God is the only one who can pass judgment on their works.