GL of California Timeline


      1717   First GL formed in England

      1730   First American Lodge constituted

      1848   GL of Missouri Charters Western Star Lodge #98, in Benton City

o       Moved to Shasta City in 1851 and became #2 in GL of Ca.

      1848   GM of Indiana issues dispensation for Sierra Nevada Lodge

o       Members of failed Lodge later form Madison Lodge

      1849   Gold discovered at Sutters Mill

o       Traveling Lodges

      1849   GM of Louisiana issues Grant for The Pacific Lodge at Benicia

o       Members of failed Lodge later form Benicia Lodge #5

o       First Lodge building

o       Jewels cut from tin cans

      1849    G. L. of Connecticut issues Charter to Connecticut Lodge No. 76 on January 31st

o       Becomes Tehama Lodge #3 when G. L. of Ca. formed

      1850   First attempt to form a GL in March

o       March, first attempt

o       April 17, 3 Chartered Lodges and 3 U.D. Lodges formed GL in Sacremento

o       California Lodge #13, GL of D. C. became California Lodge #1

      1850   GM of Illinois issues Dispensations for

o       Lavely Lodge in Marysville, became Marysville Lodge #9, then became Corinthian Lodge #9

o       Pacific Lodge, near Oroville, met in Longs Bar.  Later dissolved, and members joined California Lodges.

      1850   GL of Wisconsin issues Charter to Lafayette Lodge #29

o       1851 Charter destroyed by fire, Lodge moves jurisdiction to Ca, becomes Nevada Lodge #13

      1850   GL of Ca. has 3 Lodges, 103 members in April

o       California becomes a State in Sept.


      1851   GM of Louisiana issues dispensation for Davy Crockett Lodge #7

o       Ruben Clark (Master, 1851) designed and built State Capital building

o       1852 Lodge moves jurisdiction to Ca, becomes San Fransisco Lodge #7


      Grants and Dispensations issued by New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Florida.

o       Most never grew past Traveling Lodges.


      1852   GL of Ca. has 8 Lodges, 304 Members


      1860   GL of Ca. has 128 Lodges, 5055 Members

o       2 Lodges move to Oregon

o       13 Surrender their Charters

o       2 Charters suspended for cause


      2000   GL of Ca. has 388 Lodges, 90,914 Members

o       45% South of Tehachapi

o       29 Lodges in San Diego County


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