1st Division
Grand Commandery

Knights Templar of Ohio

The No.1 Division in the State of Ohio

A. C. "Jerry" Holzer Jr., KCT
Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander

Bruce D. Basil, KCT, PGC
Eminent Grand Recorder

Kevin R. Weisman, PC
Division Commander

Timothy L. Purmort, PC
Deputy Division Commander

William H. Koon II, GCT
Most Eminent Grand Master



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January, 2011

     January 8              Inspection of Findlay Commandery No. 49
                                          (See Findlay No. 49 page below)

    January 22            CTA at Kenton                                  

February, 2011

    February 5            Inspection of Shawnee Commandery No. 14        
                                          (See Shawnee No. 14 page below)

   February 19           Inspection of Defiance Commandery No. 30
                                          (See Defiance No. 30 page below)               

March, 2011

    March 12              East Central Department Conference

   March 19               Inspection of Bryan Commandery No. 74
                                           (See Bryan No. 74 page below) 

   March 26               Inspection of Ivanhoe Commandery No. 54
                                          (See Ivanhoe No. 54 page below)                

April, 2011        

  April 22-24              Easter Weekend                    

  April 30                   Inspection of Kenton Commandery No. 58
                                         (See Kenton No. 58 page below) 


May, 2011

    May 14                 Findlay York Rite Festival

    May 21                  CTA at Bryan

July, 2011

    July 17               CTA Family Picnic at Kingsbury Park- Defiance
                                                       Picnic at 4:00 P.M.
                                 Annual Meeting and election of Officers at 5:00 P.M.

September, 2011

   September 17     CTA at Lima (Knight Eminent Commander 


October, 2010

   October 6-8          Grand Commandery Conclave-Columbus              




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Shawnee No. 14

Ivanhoe No. 54

Defiance No. 30

Kenton No. 58

Findlay No. 49

Bryan No. 74

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