Notice regarding, our sub-sites, and being Blacklisted by Google SafeSearch for malicious links or Malware content:


We have recently been listed by Google SafeSearch as being an unsafe website. Our entire domain has been blacklisted including our sub-domains such as our Mastermason Forum at ''.

The reason for the blacklisting is because one of our free lodge sites has been using a free Photo Gallery javascript and the script had included links to what is most likely a Malware site for 'Business Loans'. The lodge site was temporarily suspended until their webmaster can clear all of his html code of the offensive links. The site was also removed from the directory and is no longer accessible by the public. A review was submitted to Google to have the site rechecked and the review failed. This is a mystery since the site URL which caused us to be blacklisted no longer exists. Our suspicion is that perhaps Google may be reviewing our site via one of their cached copies because their 'failed review report' references a directory that no longer exists.

Over the past year Google has gone to great lengths to protect the public from malicious websites and also to ban or blacklist email spammers, yet their support for website and email administrators is virtually non-existent and unresponsive. In one case another server on our network had an email account which was compromised and our IP number was sending large amounts of spam. The problem was immediately corrected yet Google does not provide a means to request delisting from their email blacklist. Delisting is done via an automated system where if no spam is received by them over an undefined period of time the IP is automatically removed. The problem in our case is that not one piece of spam was sent to a single Google account in over 3 months, yet our IP remained on their blacklist. It has since been removed after almost 4 months.

We suspect that Google's SafeSearch may have also been implemented with poor and insufficient programming by their Developer Team. When looking up on their Blacklist it reported the directory and subdirectory that contained malicious redirections or links, but did not report the specific HTML files which contained the links. After removing the sub-site entirely they still (falsely) claim that the site (which no longer exists) contains malicious links or redirections to Malware sites. Additionally, Google provides no means to contact them or get support for sites which have been blacklisted. We would be interested in hearing how a site which no longer exists can contain hostile links.

Requests for review and removal from their blacklist will be submitted daily but given their poor performance with the last review and our experiences with being removed from their email blacklist, we cannot estimate as to how long the Blacklisting will continue or if we'll ever be removed. We would like nothing more than to provide an email address or a contact for Google where our hundreds of brethren can submit complaints about this issue, but Google has gone to great lengths to insulate themselves from being directly contacted and has relegated everything to Automated Systems which apparently do not work as intended. If this is reflective of Google's attempts to have everything controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence), then they have a rough and rocky road ahead of them as their latest innovations have failed miserably.

We will update this page when more information on our status becomes available or if our blacklisting is ever removed. If any of our brethren reading this have suggestions, or if the folks at Google should read this notice and disagrees with our assessment, comments and suggestions can be submitted to the following email address: